"Wet" - Nichole Scherzinger

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O single que ainda vai ser lançado esse ano está presente no álbum de estreia, "Killer Love", da cantora Nichole Scherzinger (The PussyCat Dolls).

"Wet" possui batidas eletrônicas e bases vibrantes, e é uma das melhores canções do álbum. O refrão gruda que nem chiclete e é impossível ficar parado.

"Drippin' down my neck, soakin' wet, sink or swim or you drown. Yeah, yeah. Let's get a little wet, I like the way you're workin' me out..."

Confira o clipe oficial:


I feel like everybody's standing around me watching me now
I feel like whatever I do tonight would be the talk of the town
They wanna know how I'm gonna move my body
When the beat goes
'Cause something comes over me
When the beat goes

Well, Imma rip my clothes off
Take a leap and surf through the crowd
Yeah, yeah
Drippin' down my neck
Soakin' wet
Sink or swim or you drown
Yeah, yeah
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you're workin' me out
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you're workin' me out

Body's getting super hot
Feels like a hundred degrees
I'm waitin' for a man with the fan
Who can give me a breeze
If you touch me there
Please beware you can start up a fire
I don't mind if you take me home
Cool me off in the shower

I love it when the heat from the beat melts me to the ground
I love it when it gets so wet starts tricklin' down
This beat is filthy dirty
I feel it all over me
Yeah e-yeah