"Stand" - Lenny Kravitz

E como é bom acordar com aquele sol lindo invadindo nossa janela e dando um imenso bom dia para tudo que há no mundo. A primavera vem se mostrando linda e maravilhosa.

"Stand" está presente no álbum "Black and White America" (2011) de Lenny Kravitz, sendo composta pelo mesmo. Tem um estilo retrô com uma batida muito gostosa, a letra é ótima. E como já dizia Drew Barrymore (Sophia Fisher em "Letra e Música" - "Music and Lyrics" - 2007): "It's the combination of the two that makes it magical." ("É a combinação dos dois que a torna mágica.").

"Come on, stand up again. Come on, stand, stand, you're gonna run again..."

Confira o clipe oficial e o clipe com a letra da música, também oficial (tão bom quanto o clipe com história):


Don't give up
You're gonna see tomorrow
That you'll be on your feet again
Sometimes the world's gonna knock you over
But you will see who you are your friends

Come on, stand up again
Come on, stand,
Stand, you're gonna run again

Your faith and patience will be your soldiers
To guide you through your troubled times
Just put one foot in front of the other
The battles are inside your mind
You have the power to face your demons
No matter how they go on time
And rid yourself of your fear and weakness
So you can start to live your life

Come on, baby, stand, up again (stand again)
Come on, stand (come on you can make it)
Stand, you're gonna run again

Pick up your will and put on your face
If you need to, just take my hand
It's time to demonstrate, don't hesitate
Just get up and say: Yes, I can

Stand (oh stand) up again (stand up again)
Come on, stand (oh come on baby)
Stand, you're gonna run again (stand)
Stand, you're gonna run again (come on)
Stand, you're gonna run again