"Love Me More" - Justin James

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E talvez sejam essas paixões e amores que me fazem explorar mundos tão distantes e tão fascinantes. Muitas coisas chegam e montam sua casa em meu coração, já outras dão uma passada, um abraço apertado e vão embora, e assim vou cantando.

"Love You More" foi lançada no álbum "Sun Drenched" (2007) do cantor Justin James. A música tem um ritmo gostoso que faz lembrar praia e sol.

"Let's leave this alone, I don't want to come home, find your way in at my door..."

"I don't know where they are.
Somehow, somewhere, they lie speechless and forgotten.
But they remain, exceedingly faithful."
(In My Sweet Seoul)

Confira um clipe da música:

"Love Me More"

Seems like only yesterday I was on my own
Sleeping in, staying out late, and partying til the dawn
Now I got you in my life, got your clothes in your closet too
You take such sweet delight in telling me what to do

So get out of my bed, did you hear what I said
Baby I dont know, where you think that this can go
Let's leave this alone, I dont wanna come
And find you waiting at my door

It ain't that I don't love you girl, I just love me more

This got to end, I don't even know where it began
You say something, I'm not listening
Next thing we're in an argument
No more, do I get to hang out with my friends for sure
You've got your eyes on me, always checking to see
If I'm where I'm supposed to be

I'm underqualified for commitment
I only studied for one degree
I'm underqualified for commitment
This bathroom's only big enough for me

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