"Take The World" - She Wants Revenge

Musicalidade na alma, passos rápidos, sol brilhando intensamente, sorrisos e outros nem tanto.

"Take The World" foi lançada no álbum "Valleyheart" (2011) da banda She Wants Revenge, que faz o gênero dark dance, ou darkwave ou simplesmente, rock alternativo. A música lembra o som de algumas bandas dos anos 80, e ao mesmo tempo traz nostalgia e faz seguir seu ritmo.

"Your body shakes, it's like tonight we can take the world. Your pulse it races with mine and I swear we can take the world..."

"O mundo inteiro é feito de música - diz ela.
- Somos todas cordas num lira. Nós ressoamos.
Cantamos juntos. Isso foi bom. Com esse vento no meu rosto.
Quando você canta, estou cantando com você, querido.
Sabe disso, não sabe?"
(Joe Hill - In A Estrada da Noite)

Confira o clipe oficial:

"Take The World"

The words that no one speaks
About the night before
She stares off at the road
Her finger taps the door
I'd hate to judge if roles reverse you'd think so too

She'd seen the film before
But stayed until the end
She had him to herself
Perhaps as more than friends
Maybe i'd do things differently if i were you

Your pulse it races with mine and i swear that there's no other girl
Your body shakes, it's like tonight we can take the world
Your pulse it races with mine and i swear we can take the world

His hand against her cheek
Her tongue against his neck
She says "you're awfully sweet, i feel like we connect"
Maybe it's love. how would she know?
And did she tell?

The clothes they go on slow
She thinks of what to say
He whispers in her ear
She smiles and looks away
Her heart it screams she grabs his hand and says "me too"

Is this the life the one you imagined
Is this the life, the one from your dreams
(the boy meets girl and a girl meets a boy)

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