"Broken" - Depeche Mode

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Butterflies and Sunflowers #80: there is always a bright side.

"Broken", composta por Dave Gahan e Kurt Uenala, foi lançada no álbum "Delta Machine" (2013) do Depeche Mode.

"There’s a place where I go without any sound. Only you can reach me, only you’re allowed and you’re so far away. You’re so far from here..."

"Energia e persistência conquistam todas as coisas." (Benjamin Franklin)

Segue o vídeo oficial:


If you want control
Without any pain
How long will you suffer?
How long will you reign

You see the friend that I knew?
Cannot be found
Replaced by another
Wearing his crown

There’s a place where I go
Without any sound
Only you can reach me
Only you’re allowed

And you’re so far away
You’re so far from here
Do you remember
Our time without tears?

When you’re falling
I will catch you
You don’t have to fall that far
You can make it
I will be there
You were broken from the start

When you were a child
You'd dream all day long
You'd dream of the future
Get lost in your songs

Now that time is gone
It’s lost for you now
Words long forgotten
Forgotten somehow

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